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About Me

 I have been married for 45 years, I am a 2019 Indy Author Legacy Award Winner, 2X International and 7X Bestselling Author, Board Certified Master Life Coach and a Domestic Violence  Advocate.  I am also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with  Advanced Certifications in Death and Grief Therapy, Group Therapy,  Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Crisis  and Abuse Therapy.  I am a Clinical Supervisor, and a Professional  Clinical member with the National Christian Counselors, and a Certified Temperament Coach with  the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors.

My Passion

I  am "called" to hurting people and therefore spend time encouraging  others to move beyond their disappointments, challenges, hurt, and pain  to reach their goals.    I also serve as an advocate for those who find  themselves in a holding pattern while awaiting their next move toward  destiny. In essence my assignment is to use my life experiences to walk  you through the maze of life  with the blessed assurance that you will  reach your destiny.

My Motto



Glambitious Online Interview June 2018


Introduce Yourself to the Glambitious Readers

My name is Dr. Mary J. Huntley, and I am a wife of 44 years, Chief Executive/Encouragement Officer of Trinity Global Empowerment Ministries, Inc., Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, author, Clinical Supervisor, Professional Clinical Member as well as International Representative and a Certified Temperament Coach  with a Christian Counseling Association, Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach, Domestic Violence Advocate, and mentor are a few of the prominent roles that I presently fulfill.    

What Inspired You to Pursue This Area of Interest?

Growing up in the Nation’s Capital during a very pivotal part of the Civil Rights Movement had a great impact on my life.   I have always been an advocate for what I believed was right.  I grew tired of watching the news depicting blatant racism against people of color.  And in my heart of hearts I knew that racism was not right by any stretch or figment of the imagination.  Therefore, at an early age I began to strategize and plan to make a difference. I realized that I needed to educate, equip and empower myself to rise to the occasion when the opportunity presented itself.  I set out against all odds at that time to obtain a college degree that would allow me to make a significant impact.  My educational quest took years of hard work and sacrifice.  However, I was determined to live a better lifestyle, and make a positive impact.  Therefore, I continued to work full time and pursue my educational goals until I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I finally graduated with an earned Doctorate Degree and six advanced certifications.  Praise God! Today I am honored to coach, and counsel individuals to help them reach their fullest potential and live their BEST life.  TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!  

What advice would you share with ladies interested in starting a career in your industry?

I would encourage those interested in pursuing a counseling degree to ensure that you are called to the ministry of counseling in order to experience their highest fulfillment.  Further I highly recommend that they not confuse their occupation with their vocation.   It is my belief that we receive compensation for our occupation, and vocation is what God created us to do. We are passionate about vocation. In fact passion provides fuel for the journey. That passion motivates you to continue. Before you know it, hours have passed when you are doing what you are passionate about.  In many instances we get so many fulfillments from our vocation. We will serve in the area of our vocation many times without remuneration. BUT the fulfillment and benefits we get are out of this world.   GOD called us to a specific vocation because He programmed us with gifts before we left His assembly line.   

What is next for your brand/business in 2018?

I am feverishly working on multiple projects for 2018.  I am ecstatic about serving as the Facilitator of several awesome intimate gatherings entitled “Take the Mask Off.”  I am also excited about the epic Book Launch of “Faith for Fiery Trials” (scheduled for June 30, 2018) in which I am co-author with some amazing ladies, including Visionary Elder Nicole S. Mason, Esquire.  I am excited about launching my first book that will help others push pass pain to purpose.  I look forward to collaborating with other domestic violence advocates to help address and eradicate domestic violence.  I am excited about offering courses and curriculums to help individuals with personal, professional, and spiritual development.  Finally I am excited about planning seminars and workshops that will educate, equip, empower, and rebuild others throughout various jurisdictions.    

How can readers connect with you online and through social media? Readers can connect with me via my website Additionally, I am dr_maryj_huntleyauthor on Instagram,  DrMaryJ Huntley on Facebook, and  drmaryjhuntley on Twitter."




Professional Life Coaching/Professional Counseling

Professional Life Coaching is a rapidly growing field. As we navigate life's maze we can become entangled with the day to day challenges of life.  I come alongside each client to ensure their safe arrival at their port of call "destiny."   Financial Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Executive and Organizational Life Coaching are some of the areas in which I hold certifications.

I am also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor with  Advanced Certifications in Death and Grief Therapy, Group Therapy,  Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Crisis  and Abuse Therapy.  I am a Clinical Supervisor, and a Professional  Clinical member with the National Christian Counselors Association, and  an International Representative, and a Certified Temperament Coach with  the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors.

Recent Events

NOVEMBER 1, 2019--What an amazing SpeakerCon2019 Event hosted by Dr. Cheryl Wood; where we had our phenomenal book launch and signing of Speaking My Truth:  50 Real Life Stories That Inspire, Empower, Heal and Transform.  I are pleased to announce that this amazing collaboration is a #1 bestseller.  

OCTOBER 11-12, 2019--Women of Virtue Walking In Excellence Conference & Black Tie Gala.  Honored to be a contributing author in the amazing collaboration under phenomenal Visionary Dr. Tasheka Green.  

AUGUST 17, 2019--Guest Speaker--Anchored In Christ Conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C., hosted by Prophetess Dr. Leslie E. Brown.  The Holy Spirit permeated our very beings.  

JULY 20, 2019--Amazing Book Launch and Signing of Entrepreneurial Elevation:  30 Lessons To Help You Elevate Your Impact, Influence and Income.   I are pleased to announce that this amazing collaboration is a #1 bestseller.    


DON'T QUIT:  Motivation To Reach Your Goals--My inaugural solo project became an international bestseller once launched on May 21, 2019  This project is filled with encouraging words.  Specific methodologies are included that will help those who feel stuck in life's maze get motivated to achieve their goals.  

Daily Encouragement



Believe in yourself and know that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!



3rd John 2



Father in the name Lord Jesus I thank you for blessing me to see a new decade and a new year.  Thank you for your grace and mercy  that were my escorts during the past year.  Thank you for legions of angels you've given charge over me to keep me in ALL my ways.  Thank you for the blood of Jesus that never loses its power.  Thank you that this year I will press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus and bring you glory.  Thank you for your unconditional love in Jesus' name, amen!



10 Powerful Morning Affirmations 


Ms. Candace Brookins—“Take The Mask Off"

“I'm almost at a loss for words!  I recently hosted an imtimate gathering for women to Take The Mask Off and it was awesome.  I asked Dr. Mary Huntley to facilitate the event because that is her area of expertise and truly she is anointed to do what she does.  Dr. Huntley was professional and God centered in every detail.  The women at the gathering truly took the masks off!  Some of the women at the gathering came as strangers but left connected as sisters as we shared intimate details of our stories.  We cried together and supported one another as the chains of bondage were released.  I can't thank Dr. Huntley enough for what she did and for the spirit in which she did it!”

Sandy M-"Take The Mask Off"

I was in awe as we engaged in this awesome session with this phenomenal facilitator Dr. Huntley as she allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through her to help us gain freedom.  This was absoutely amazing.  I left feeling much lighter. No more burden!  

Jan Q--"Take The Mask Off”

Lilian B--"Take The Mask Off"

Joye C--"Take The Mask Off"

Angela D--"Take The Mask Off"

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